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Is this the HTML5 App of the Year?

Kobo Instant Reader HTML5 App

You have to love Apple. They really want HTML5 to be big. They managed to come up with a way to force major companies to invest boat loads of money in HTML5. Last year Apple began requiring third-party app developers to sell any available content inside their apps instead of linking out to browser based items on a website. Apple wanted their 30 percent of all sales bad…or did they? They must have known that the companies behind the most popular native iOS eReader apps would never agree to pay a 30 percent fee on every eBook they sell. So why did they do it? I think they have something in development that needs HTML5 to be widely adopted before it is ready to launch. Think about it, they just bought the Justin Timberlake-backed HTML5 firm called Particle.

A direct result of the changes Apple made to their app store is the beautifully designed Kobo Instant Reader app. The HTML5 app was on Kobo’s bucket list but got pushed to the top when they found out their iOS apps earning potential was about to hit the fan. Kobo decided to partner with Appnovation Technologies to develop and launch their Instant Reader cloud application. It was created using HTML5 and the SproutCore framework. SproutCore was the secret sauce behind Apple’s MobileMe, iWork and iCloud applications.

Kobo Instant Reader is fantastic. It might just be my favorite HTML5 app of the year. Reviews on the Chrome Web Store have been very positive as well with people writing things like “Really easy to use and has a nice, clean interface.“, “Great app, I can access my library on any computer (across operating systems) with minimal effort and everything gets synced!“, and “Absolutely brilliant. Best reading app out there!“.

I was so thrilled with this HTML5 app that I wanted to know more about how it was developed. Tyler Keating, Appnovation Developer on Kobo App, Lead Developer & Architect of SproutCore, Core Team Member on SproutCore and Dave Porter, Appnovation Developer on Kobo App, Core Team Member of SproutCore were gracious enough to answer a few of my questions.

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7 Questions for HTML5 Game Designers

7 Questions with 2 HTML5 Game Designers

Here are 7 questions with two HTML5 game designers, Sean Lim & William Tan of GameYawp. Their most recent HTML5 game, Zombie Typomaniac is fantastic! This game is better than any Flash typing game I have ever played. Try it out and see for yourself.

Here they are: At GameYawp, we’ve recently launched our latest HTML5 game: Zombie Typomaniac. It’s a humorous typing shooter where the player types words to shoot a variety of zombies, surviving through different levels of zombies and unique zombie bosses. The game also features powerups that can freeze, slow down zombies etc.  Continue Reading →