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HTML5 unleashed: EWC Presenter is one app for all your visual content needs

Banner Presenter

EWC Presenter is a new HTML5 based web application that allows everyone to easily create content in HTML5; we’re talking about presentations, infographics, banner ads, animations and virtually all other visual content in between.

But before getting into the nuts and bolts of this app let’s remember the days not too long ago when you would visit a site and your browser would warn you to download a later version of Flash or Silverlight (Microsoft’ answer to Flash). For content publishers (ex. designers and developers would have to spend extra time to adjust the same content for number of browsers, displays and devices because content had to be optimized for different flavors of various browsers in particular Internet Explorer?). Those days are over thanks to HTML5, but the challenge to utilize HTML5 has been reserved for advanced level designers and developers; at least until now.

A quick look back: not so easy to use, or is it?
Unless you have been completely disconnected from new trends on the internet, by now you know that HTML5 is quickly becoming the standard for creating all types of content that is supported by virtually any device (web, tablet and smart phones) and any platform be it Mac or Windows. This is a huge victory for both consumers and content creators who have been waiting a long time for this level of standardization.

HTML5 is an extension of HTML, the code that is the foundation of web page code and and combined with CSS3 (3rd iteration of Cascading Style Sheets) it serves as the fabric and glue that hold your content together to form a web page. You may not know HTML code, but you stare at tens if not hundreds of pages per day rendered in HTML including this one.

Most of us just don’t have the time or experience to have to deal with code and would rather just visually form our content the same way we consume it. This is one of a few reasons why in the past Flash became so popular among designers. Designers don’t like to code; they are visual beings and Flash was a tool that virtually eliminated the need to code and allowed creating interactive content more easier than ever before. Continue Reading →

HTML5 Workshops in the USA and UK on the Same Day!

HTML5 Travel Graphic

All of my HTML5 conference fanatics face a tough choice next week. There are two major HTML5 related events on the same day. The usual convention would be to go to the conference that is closest to where you are in the world. I live in Okinawa so that line of thinking never helps me. The next thought would be to go to the event with the biggest headliner. The HTML5 Developer Conference in San Francisco has a laundry list of great speakers scheduled but nobody famous outside of the tech community. This is of course not entirely true if you’re a fan of puns because the CEO and co-founder of Famo.us will be speaking. On the other hand, Apps World in London, which includes a day full of HTML5 workshops has Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple. Going to this conference probably makes more sense for me since I always wanted to be the second person on the island to own a broken Mac autographed by Woz.

Here is a look at some of the highlights of both events on October 23, 2013. Continue Reading →

HTML5 Game that Teaches You HTML

HTML5 game called Super Markup Man

If we could learn everything we need to know about life by playing games, living would be a breeze. I would create the “How to Wipe Your Rear End” game. I’m somewhat of an expert on the subject although I haven’t started a blog…or should I say “log”. The game would go on to be a big hit because everybody needs to know how to wipe and I would make so much money that I could finally afford to get that Steve Ballmer’s autograph I’ve always wanted.

Markup Man Game Character

Super Markup Man is an HTML5 game where players can learn about the rules and organization of HTML markup without writing any actual code. The main character of Super Markup Man is Markup Man…shocking! Markup Man looks like what would happen if Prince William and an 8-bit Zelda made a “royal” baby. The goal of each level is to move HTML tags around using Markup Man to make the website example a reality. There are 30 levels which get more challenging as you play. The game is timed and progress is auto-saved if you leave early. It’s a very simple game that is fun to play even if you already know HTML tags. How fast can you get through all 30 levels? Feel free to post your times in the comment section.

HTML5 Game Engine Tutorial

You can also learn more about HTML5 game programming thanks to this game. The game designer has made a series of tutorials to explain how Super Markup Man was built. So far he has published Part 1: The Basic Engine and Part 2: Jumping, Falling, and Stopping. The tutorials are written in an easy to understand way and include example files. Continue Reading →