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Learn HTML5 with Videos and Books

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I moved to a rural part of Japan six years ago with no prospects. There was no job waiting for me and I didn’t have a college degree to help me become employed. My Japanese speaking skills were nonexistent unless you want to give me credit for mistakenly asking people if I could “have” their toilet. I knew I needed to figure out a way to earn a living.

I tried several ideas that all failed. The most notable of the failures was the month I tried to sell Japanese Transformers on eBay. I probably would have done better if I made an eBook “How to Make Money Selling Japanese Transformers”. You really can make money but not much…just enough to purchase expired sushi and paper towels. The towels are important because they will be used to clean up any sushi that is “returned to sender”. Ewwww!…but true.

How did I escape financial ruin? How did I go from being dirt poor to just poor? The answer is online tutorial and training videos. I had computer skills but needed to improve them so I signed up for the free trial at Lynda.com and watched as many videos as I could. I was also learning from YouTube, forums, and by dissecting source code. The way I went about acquiring skills wasn’t ideal. I think the learning online thing would have worked better for me if everything I needed to know was in one place. This is why I was very happy when Faye, the community manager at Treehouse contacted me.

Treehouse is taking a new angle at the traditional online teaching video. Their videos tend to run as a course with quizzes and interactive Code Challenges mixed in. As you complete the courses you will earn badges that are an indicator of what skills you currently possess. These badges are then viewable by anyone including recruiters from big companies. This means that everything you need to know will finally be in one place! Continue Reading →

HTML5 Contest

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There is an HTML5 app contest taking place called the AppsFuel HTML5 App Challenge. There is no entry fee so even the HTML5 developers sustaining themselves on ramen noodles and two year old gummy bears can enter. Voting will be done via Twitter and Facebook so the most popular app will win. It is not a complete popularity contest as the best app selected by a jury may also be a winner.

I know what you’re thinking…what is the prize? I would be lying if I said a billion dollars. So I am not going to say that. Can I promise you fresh gummy bears right out of their Frankenweenie like bakery? Nope, I cannot promise that either. I actually wasn’t that clear on what the prize was so I went straight to the source and asked Ernesto Arroyo who originally told me about this HTML5 contest. Continue Reading →