HTML5 Game that Teaches You HTML

HTML5 game called Super Markup Man

If we could learn everything we need to know about life by playing games, living would be a breeze. I would create the “How to Wipe Your Rear End” game. I’m somewhat of an expert on the subject although I haven’t started a blog…or should I say “log”. The game would go on to be a big hit because everybody needs to know how to wipe and I would make so much money that I could finally afford to get that Steve Ballmer’s autograph I’ve always wanted.

Markup Man Game Character

Super Markup Man is an HTML5 game where players can learn about the rules and organization of HTML markup without writing any actual code. The main character of Super Markup Man is Markup Man…shocking! Markup Man looks like what would happen if Prince William and an 8-bit Zelda made a “royal” baby. The goal of each level is to move HTML tags around using Markup Man to make the website example a reality. There are 30 levels which get more challenging as you play. The game is timed and progress is auto-saved if you leave early. It’s a very simple game that is fun to play even if you already know HTML tags. How fast can you get through all 30 levels? Feel free to post your times in the comment section.

HTML5 Game Engine Tutorial

You can also learn more about HTML5 game programming thanks to this game. The game designer has made a series of tutorials to explain how Super Markup Man was built. So far he has published Part 1: The Basic Engine and Part 2: Jumping, Falling, and Stopping. The tutorials are written in an easy to understand way and include example files. Continue reading “HTML5 Game that Teaches You HTML”

10 Upcoming HTML5 Books to Get Excited About

HTML5 Books for 2013 and 2014

Tech books do not have the same entertainment factor as who-done-it mystery books. You’re not going to find out that HTML5 killed CSS3 with an AJAX on the desktop. The greatest HTML5 books are useful. They help designers and developers get things done.

This list is comprised of HTML5 books that are going to be released in the second half of 2013 and also includes 2 books that will be hitting the shelves in 2014. They cover a wide range of skill levels. Beginners all the way up to your experts like Tim Berners-Lee may find a book worth reading.

Six out of the ten books on the list are being released on the 22nd of their respective months…someone has been paying attention to their analytics.

Continue reading “10 Upcoming HTML5 Books to Get Excited About”

Easily Create Interactive Content in HTML5

Create interactive content easily with the HTML5 web application called Presenter

When Steve Jobs released his thoughts on Flash it was the beginning of an end to web interactivity as we knew it because literally all interactive content up to that point was based on Adobe’s Flash. HTML5 was the closest alternative but unless you were a good designer and great at HTML5/CSS3 coding you would find it cumbersome to create the level of interactivity versus using Flash.

Content creation in HTML5 for Everyone
A new convenient Web Application called Presenter is not only changing but also simplifying the way visual content is created. Presenter is developed by Easy WebContent a division of HindSite Interactive known for their award winning custom web design and development services. In 2010 after inquiries for their interactive projects declined (due to Flash’s demise), they took on a major challenge of creating an application that would revitalize the way engaging content is created.

The fact is they didn’t want to just create another animation software; instead Easy WebContent spent over 2 years of research and development to create a single application that will serve all your rich content needs not only for animations, but also for presentations, interactive infographics, banners, and product demos. And all along designed in a manner that anyone be it a novice or a professional designer can utilize the easy to use interface and the various features to create content quickly and easily right in your browser. Think of it as a marriage of Flash and Powerpoint on the cloud, but on HTML5. As a result any project you create is viewable on virtually any devices (web or mobile), any platforms (PC or Mac), and all recent browsers. Continue reading “Easily Create Interactive Content in HTML5”