The Safari, HTML5 Wedding

Safari HTML5 Wedding Invitations

Safari is getting married to HTML5. It’s true. The latest version of Safari, 5.0.1 has an incredible amount of HTML5 support. Safari scored higher than Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 9 in HTML5 support according to the HTML5 browser testing website. In Safari, users can watch full screen video, enjoy closed captions, and get directions all through HTML5. → Read More

August is now the official month of HTML5

HTML5 Month

August is a pretty sad month when it comes to holidays. The most notable event that takes place is “Back to School”. I want to change that which is why I am proclaiming August, HTML5 Month. It may have just crossed your mind that naming an entire month something isn’t the same as a holiday. Yes, you are right inspector! Naming the entire month of August HTML5 month is just my lead in to the new biggest celebration of the year. What might that be? Well, HTML5 Day of course. International HTML5 Day will be observed on August 5th. → Read More

Google thinks HTML5 “Rocks”

HTML5 Rocks Screenshot

Google recently launched the website, HTML5 Rocks. HTML5 Rocks is different from other HTML5 information websites in one key area. The site has the weight of some of the best web engineers in the world behind it. To date, it is the best website to go when immersing yourself in HTML5 for the first time.

HTML5 Rocks has three main areas. The first is the “Interactive Presentation” section. This is where you can learn more about HTML5 and try out some of its cool features. → Read More