Flash is Dead

This “Flash is Dead” animation was made with the new HTML5 design software called Adobe Edge. Yes, Adobe is indirectly assisting with the death of one of their products, Flash. It seems like everyday HTML5 gets closer to eliminating the need for Flash.

This HTML5 animation is just a brief glimpse of what the preview version of Adobe Edge can do. Continue reading “Flash is Dead”

HTML5 Design Software from Adobe

Who would have thought that Adobe would be in the forefront of the HTML5 movement? Yet, here we are. Adobe on Monday released Edge.

Adobe Edge is a very nice piece of HTML5 design software. The current release is Edge Preview 1, which features animation and motion. The interface is clean and easy to use especially for an Adobe fan like myself. My previous experience designing Flash games and gif animations in Adobe Fireworks and Photoshop really came in handy. I was able to implement animation techniques I had learned to achieve some stellar results. Continue reading “HTML5 Design Software from Adobe”

HTML5 Speech Recognition for Your Blog

Your web visitors will now be able to search through your blog with only their voice. The HTML5 Speech WordPress plugin lets you integrate speech recognition technology on your blog. This enhances your users experience and is 100% free. Continue reading “HTML5 Speech Recognition for Your Blog”