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HTML5 Security, the Book

HTML5 Security, the Book

I thought I had my first Mac computer virus a couple of years ago. It turns out the vicious hacker was a baby blue stuffed manatee in another room. It was pressing down on a wireless keyboard I had stopped using weeks earlier. It took me longer than it should have to figure out. Very embarrassing! Wouldn’t it be nice if all computer problems were human error? Unfortunately, this is not the case. Malicious attackers are probably reading this right now as they try to find out more information on how to exploit HTML5. The next Dr. Evil is out there and this time it won’t be “sharks with lasers.”

The eBook HTML5 Security is pretty self-explanatory and a must read for all serious developers especially since it’s priced under $5. It is by a German author, Carsten Eilers who is a freelance consultant and coach on IT security and technical data protection. I had the opportunity to download a free copy of HTML5 Security for this post. I like how Carsten handles the basics. He believes the first question you should ask yourself when pondering how to repel attacks should always be “What are the goals of the attacker?”. The book covers XSS Javascript, communication in HTML5, local storage options, Clickjacking, and more. There are also diagrams, code examples, and screenshots throughout the book to help explain the points Carsten is making.

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