HTML5 Workshops in the USA and UK on the Same Day!

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All of my HTML5 conference fanatics face a tough choice next week. There are two major HTML5 related events on the same day. The usual convention would be to go to the conference that is closest to where you are in the world. I live in Okinawa so that line of thinking never helps me. The next thought would be to go to the event with the biggest headliner. The HTML5 Developer Conference in San Francisco has a laundry list of great speakers scheduled but nobody famous outside of the tech community. This is of course not entirely true if you’re a fan of puns because the CEO and co-founder of will be speaking. On the other hand, Apps World in London, which includes a day full of HTML5 workshops has Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple. Going to this conference probably makes more sense for me since I always wanted to be the second person on the island to own a broken Mac autographed by Woz.

Here is a look at some of the highlights of both events on October 23, 2013.

HTML5 Workshops at Apps World

  • Keynote panel: Exploring the Use of HTML5 in the Mobile App Marketplace – This panel includes an HTML5 author, the head of interactive technology and operations at Viacom International, the head of digital entertainment and games at BBC Worldwide, the lead HTML5 mobile developer at Thomson Reuters, and Paul Spencer who is the head of development at Cheapflights. Please do not book a one way flight to London with the intention of seeing if Paul can get you a good deal home. I had the idea first.
  • Building living mobile and web applications with HTML5 WebSockets – In this session you will learn how to build real-time, multi-user interaction and collaboration into your web apps using HTML5 and WebSockets. Peter Moskovits, the head of real-time solutions at Kaazing, is running the session.
  • Build, Distribute, and Monetize HTML5 Mobile Web Apps – This session features Emanuele Bolognesi who is the head of AppsFuel. Find out why HTML5 and the “pure web” approach may be the best choice for your mobile strategy.

HTML5 Developer Conference Sessions

  • Tricks to Make your Game/App Look Good…With Sound – This session is being done by Simon Amarasingham of dSonic, which has provided audio for over 100 game titles by major publishers to mobile and social games made by indie developers.
  • React: Rethinking best practices – In this session you will learn more about creating JavaScript apps with React, the new open-source JS library from Facebook and Instagram.
  • Rapidly Creating Responsive and Attractive HTML5 Mobile User Experiences – This session is being done by the HTML5 developer evangelist at Intel, Andrew Hyde Smith.
  • App Economy Opportunities for HTML5/JS Developers – You have to love these “let’s make money with HTML5” sessions.
  • A New Way to Build Real-Time HTML5 Apps on a Secure Global Mesh – This session covers how to sync data from client-to-client without hindering your choice of technology and data storage.

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