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There is an HTML5 app contest taking place called the AppsFuel HTML5 App Challenge. There is no entry fee so even the HTML5 developers sustaining themselves on ramen noodles and two year old gummy bears can enter. Voting will be done via Twitter and Facebook so the most popular app will win. It is not a complete popularity contest as the best app selected by a jury may also be a winner.

I know what you’re thinking…what is the prize? I would be lying if I said a billion dollars. So I am not going to say that. Can I promise you fresh gummy bears right out of their Frankenweenie like bakery? Nope, I cannot promise that either. I actually wasn’t that clear on what the prize was so I went straight to the source and asked Ernesto Arroyo who originally told me about this HTML5 contest.

My question to Ernesto: Can you explain the prize further and why an app development team or individual would want to win it? Is there any monetary compensation?

This is his response: First, access to the AppFuel HTML direct carrier billing and payment system and API, which offers a chance for developers to make money with their HTML5 app. For example, in-app payments, or upgrades etc…

The prize includes a nomination to the Mobile Premier Awards, which offers a chance to the App developer to pitch his/her app to a panel of mobile experts during the Mobile World Congress.

The Mobile Premier Awards offer a chance for developers to meet mobile influencers and investors, first hand. For example, last year members of the jury included (we saw some deals being made on satage):

Peter Vesterbacka, Mighty Eagle of Rovio Mobile.
Alec Saunders, Vice President, Developer Relations and Ecosystem Development, QNX Software Systems Ltd.
James Pearce, Head of Mobile Developer Relations, Facebook.
Anna Heim, Editor – Latin America & Media, The Next Web.
Carlos Domingo, Director of Product Development and Innovation, Telefónica Digital and CEO of Telefónica I+D.
Di-Ann Eisnor, VP of Partnerships & Platform, Waze.
Joe Neale, Principal of London based VC firm m8 Capital.
Kenny Mathers, Director, Programs and Monetization, Developer & Marketplace, Nokia.
Russell Buckley, Chief Marketing Officer, Eagle Eye Solutions.
Thom Cummings, VP Marketing, SoundCloud.

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