The Best HTML5 Poster

Best HTML5 Poster

If I had a C++ poster on my wall growing up, I might have had more success with the programming language later in life. Having a firm grasp of the basics in anything you wish to master is crucial for your success. This is why I think the HTML5 Poster Kickstarter project is a fantastic idea. It is raising funds for the printing and distribution of a poster that educates beginners on the basics of HTML5. The object of the project is to get the HTML5 posters in as many public spaces as possible. You can even make a donation that will secure a full color poster for yourself.

There are other HTML5 posters floating around the web but this is the best. It places snippets of code side-by-side with the output they produce so that casual onlookers can understand the cause and effect nature of programming through simple HTML tags. The HTML5 poster makes it easy for newbies to digest and is also easy on the eyes.

This Kickstarter project has raised almost half of what is needed to make the HTML5 poster a reality. There is only a week left so your opportunity to be a part of something truly nerdy is fading.

If you have limited funds but really like the idea of hanging a HTML5 poster on your wall, there is an alternative that should suffice. XHTML-Lab has made a free HTML5 reference poster that you can download and then print so that your Xena Princess Warrior poster will have company.

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  1. Thanks for the article, I love reading about HTML5 and find it really fascinating! It’s amazing how the web design industry is shaping up and web development too!

  2. Hey Stan, Thanks for sharing and providing useful information. HTML5 is the best language in my experience. I am a designer by profession and a regular user of this new HTML5 version.

  3. Hey,
    Loved the article! Interesting read! Your site is my go-to for any information about HTML5 now! Thanks once again 😀

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