New Drag and Drop HTML5 App Building Tool

Drag and Drop HTML5 App Building Tool
Making an HTML5 app just got easier. Sencha, a provider of HTML5 frameworks and tools for desktop and mobile application developers, just released Sencha Architect 2. Sencha Architect 2, is a HTML5 visual app builder that was created using Sencha’s own HTML5 tools. It includes full code editing capabilities and built-in one-click native packaging for iOS and Android that eases app deployment to Apple’s app store and Google Play.

I had the opportunity to ask the senior director of product management at Sencha, Aditya Bansod a few questions about the new release.

Why should every HTML5 developer and designer consider using Sencha Architect 2?
Every developer creating applications based on the Sencha Frameworks should consider Architect 2 as it accelerates development, provides a solid foundation for growth due to its code generation with built-in best practices, and reduces the amount of time a developer new to our technologies needs to become productive. Developers new to HTML5 will enjoy using Architect as a great way to learn how to use Sencha’s leading HTML5 tools.

What was the most challenging part of the Sencha Architect 2 development process?
Architect is a comprehensive product that aims to make life easy for developers so there were plenty of challenges along the way. The biggest was definitely to make sure that the application would make our frameworks accessible without taking away control from developers, a balance that we are confident we got right.

Can you tell us more about the Model-View-Controller pattern support that allows large app development teams to collaborate.
MVC is an established software pattern that we embraced because it enables larger teams to work more effectively on more complex products and simplifies code re-use. In the long term, maintainability of an MVC app is much, much easier.

Why did your team decide on using Sencha’s own HTML5 tools to create the Sencha Architect 2 app?
Architect 2 is proof of the maturity of our framework to tackle some of the most complex application building tasks that can be thrown at a dev team. We picked our technology because we were confident it would serve us well, and it helps us by providing a test bench to test new features and future evolutions of our frameworks.

What advice would you give to developers who are new to the Sencha HTML5 platform? Is Sencha Architect 2 all we need?
Developers new to the Sencha HTML5 Platform can take advantage of the numerious learning tools, tutorials, screencasts, and Sencha Architect to learn how to use the Platform. Using Sencha Architect 2, developers have all they need to build incredible apps using our Platform.

Will Sencha Architect replace Ext Designer in your Sencha Complete product?
Yes, Sencha Architect will replace Ext Designer.

Built-in one-click native packaging for iOS and Android sounds great. Do you have any examples of apps that were made with or only using Sencha Architect 2 that are currently available in an app store?
Not that we are aware of, Architect 2 GAs on 4/17. We expect to see many of them pretty soon after launch.

You wrote in a recent blog post “the latest set of Apple hardware has regressions compared to the iPad 2 including slower JavaScript performance. And with iOS 5.1, the removal (or breaking) of features that developers have trusted is a real letdown.” How does this affect Sencha Architect 2 specifically and other Sencha products? Will there be performance issues on the new iPad when using an app that was created with Sencha Architect 2?
That problem doesn’t affect Architect 2 specifically. Applications built with Sencha Touch 2 might encounter scenarios where some things are slower than they should be on the new iPad. This will happen regardless of the use of Architect (and from what we saw, even with native apps in some circumstances). There is a good probability that the solution to the performance woes of the iPad lie in optimizations at the OS level that Apple will probably release in the near future, and in further optimizations at the framework level for what concerns Sencha.

I would like to thank Sencha and Aditya Bansod for the information on their new product. What do you think of Sencha Architect 2? There is a free 30-day trial so give it test drive. If you make an app with it, post a link in the comments and we will take a look.

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  1. Make sure to check out the license information per app as there doesn’t seem to be a clear dollar amount.

  2. I like how the HTML5 visual app builder was created using Sencha’s own HTML5 tools.

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