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I had a web design client a few years ago who fell in love with a Flash website and he wanted something similar for his business. Sure, the website was attractive but I knew it wasn’t practical for what he wanted to achieve. Search engines hated Flash and from previous experience, I had learned that if you build it, they won’t come. I believe and still do that a business website built entirely in Flash will fail, which is rather obvious now but wasn’t back then. Fast forward to 2012 and now the Flash website my client wanted could be created and widely supported using HTML5 technologies. The HTML5 website would be search engine friendly, require less bandwidth, load fast, work on mobile devices like the iPad, and not require the user to download a plugin in order to see the site.

I have seen many HTML5 business websites launch recently. We are not talking about mom and pop stores either. Major brands are using HTML5. The best HTML5 business website I have seen so far is It is the corporate web portal for the Sela Group, a training, consultancy, and software development company. The website is HTML5 paradise! You start off in the Sela building lobby where you can hop on an elevator and instantly get to where you want to go. You will notice a lot of HTML5 animations but the site is so much more than animations. IE10, Firefox 11, Chrome 16+, and Safari are fully supported.

You have to try this website on a mobile device. I have an iPad and the site excels on it as the best HTML5 business website should. The website is touch-optimized and adds new functionality. Finger swipes are in!

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    1. Works perfectly on my iPhone4s. Could navigate to various pages without problems and finger swipes worked. Don’t know why it did not work on yours.

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