Buy and Sell HTML5 Code

Buy and Sell HTML5 Code

I needed a simple HTML5 web app for an educational website I own. I could have built the app from scratch which would have been fun but too time consuming. I enjoy learning but this project had to be completed in a hurry. I opted instead to buy HTML5 code from CodeCanyon where you can get HTML5 code for as cheap as $3.

Buying HTML5 Code

The beauty of buying HTML5 code on CodeCanyon is that the code has been run through its share of tests. HTML5 is still so new and always evolving that testing and debugging HTML5 code you write can be a challenge. Buying code is definitely a timesaver. Every HTML5 player, uploader, slider, and plugin comes with a list of compatible browsers. Under the item details you can see the changelog, current version, updates, features, author comments, and star rating. There are also tabs for FAQ and user comments. I love the comments section because it saves buyers and authors time. Buyers can easily ask the HTML5 author questions and point out bugs. Then the author can respond with the bug fix or answer that typically resolves the problem.

I purchased two items, the HTML5 Signature Pad to Image script and the RoyalSlider, a touch-enabled jQuery image gallery. Then I tied them together to make my kindergarten app. There are several improvements I plan on making but considering it only cost me only $18, the app turned out better than I expected.

Selling HTML5 Code

You can make a lot of money on CodeCanyon if you know a little HTML5. The best selling HTML5 code at the time of this post is a HTML5 Ajax contact form. It has made over $4000 in sales. If a simple contact form made that much it has to get you excited about what you could potentially earn with your own HTML5 script. According to Envato, the owner of CodeCanyon, top authors make between $20,000 and $50,000 per month. This means that some authors could earn over half a million dollars in one year. Wow!

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