HTML5 Speech Recognition for Your Blog

Your web visitors will now be able to search through your blog with only their voice. The HTML5 Speech WordPress plugin lets you integrate speech recognition technology on your blog. This enhances your users experience and is 100% free.

The backstory on this isn’t that exciting. HTML5 includes a Speech Input API Specification. Blake Helms, a WordPress user decided to create a plugin around it. I told you it wasn’t exciting.

Here are a few tips when using the HTML5 speech recognition plugin on your blog.

  • It will only work in the Google Chrome web browser version 11 and higher. Plans are in place for additional web browsers to support the Speech Input API Specification in the future. If a browser does not support it, the microphone will not appear. The rest of your blog should work fine.
  • It will not work in large text area boxes but all other inputs should be fair game.
  • Speak clearly and carry a big stick.

Update: The HTML5 Speech Plugin has been removed from the blog.

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  1. Joseph August 3, 2011 at 8:05 pm Permalink

    That’s fantastic……..I also liked the video tutorial specially when you named Steve Jobs………it was Steeeeeeeevveeee

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