HTML5 Conference this week in NYC

Devcon5 HTML5 Conference

HTML5 gets bigger everyday. Now there are entire conferences on it. If you are in the New York City area this week, I would recommend you make your way over to DevCon 5, a HTML5 Developers & Designers Conference.

The keynote presentations look strong, covering topics like “HTML5 Opportunities for new Ventures” and “Why HTML5 Trumps Device OSS“. Other intriguing presentations include “HTML5 and the future of Javascript”, “HTML5 – The Power of Canvas”, “Seeding the Start Ups”, and “Presenting Scalar Vector Graphics”. The networking opportunities alone are probably worth the price of admission.

This HTML5 Festivus for the “Restofus” takes place on July 27-28th at the Kimmel Center on NYU’s campus.

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