Happy HTML5 Day!

HTML5 Day Cake

Happy HTML5 Day!

Yes, it has finally arrived. The holiday that puts all other holidays to shame: HTML5 Day! Every August 5th, we celebrate this truly festive occasion.

My guesstimate is that you have never celebrated HTML5 Day before. Don’t freak out! There is no need to click your slippers together and say “there is no place like home”. You will be fine. I am your HTML5 Day guidance counselor.

How to Celebrate HTML5 Day 2010

Nickname a friend using HTML5 code. My brother is now known as “WebSocket”.

Tell four people about HTML5. I would of said tell five people but I know your going to tell zero either way.

Throw a HTML5 Day party. Then post links to the pictures in the comment section. I will be posting pictures from my HTML5 Day party soon. The HTML5 Day cake is ridiculous!

Opt-in to the YouTube HTML5 Video Player and then watch this video: https://youtu.be/ANASqAkqL78

What are you doing to celebrate HTML5 Day?

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