August is now the official month of HTML5

HTML5 Month

August is a pretty sad month when it comes to holidays. The most notable event that takes place is “Back to School”. I want to change that which is why I am proclaiming August, HTML5 Month. It may have just crossed your mind that naming an entire month something isn’t the same as a holiday. Yes, you are right inspector! Naming the entire month of August HTML5 month is just my lead in to the new biggest celebration of the year. What might that be? Well, HTML5 Day of course. International HTML5 Day will be observed on August 5th. You will be happy to know that HTML5 day has very good company this year when it comes to other daily observances. August 5th is also National Underwear Day and International Beer Day. So this August 5th, grab a non alcoholic beer, put on your finest pair of BVDs, and appreciate HTML5 in all it’s glory by playing the oddly named Berts Breakdown. This HTML5 game demo is what happens when an overweight Tickle Me Elmo meets Super Mario Brothers.

Published by Stan Byme

The 3 most important things you need to know about me: I love most things HTML5 related, I live in Japan, and I am not a big fan of deodorant. I am Stan. You can call me Stan. I am a man but I am not "the man". Sometimes people call me Dan if I do not speak loud enough. Some people still call me Dan.

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  1. Yes! I’ve been waiting all year for HTML 5 month, my favorite holiday season! I enjoy it better than Christmas!! I have my O’Douls all set for Thursday evening to enjoy the splendor of HTML 5 day. I love HTML 5!

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