Google thinks HTML5 “Rocks”

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Google recently launched the website, HTML5 Rocks. HTML5 Rocks is different from other HTML5 information websites in one key area. The site has the weight of some of the best web engineers in the world behind it. To date, it is the best website to go when immersing yourself in HTML5 for the first time.

HTML5 Rocks has three main areas. The first is the “Interactive Presentation” section. This is where you can learn more about HTML5 and try out some of its cool features. The second area is called the “Code Playground“. You can edit or “play” around with the HMTL5 code. The last main area is the Tutorials section. Here you can find the latest and greatest HMTL5 tutorials. This is my favorite section out of the three. Tutorials are my preferred way to start learning. Once you get the basics down with a tutorial, you will have an easier time experimenting with your own ideas.

Highlights of HTML5 Rocks for me:

I am a big audio guy and am very excited about the HTML5 possibilities. HTML5 Rocks has a wonderful guide by Ernest Delgado on how to implement the HTML5 audio tag.

The HTML5 resources section is a brilliant place to expand your search for HTML5 knowledge outside their website.

The launch of Google’s Caffeine makes website speed more of a factor then it has ever been before. HTML5 is much faster then the Flash/HTML combination most people are using today. Here is a great tutorial by Paul Irish on the best practices for a faster web app with HTML5.

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