Steve Jobs Wants You For HTML5

Steve Jobs Wants Your For HTML5 Uncle Sam Poster

New open standards created in the mobile era, such as HTML5, will win on mobile devices (and PCs too). Perhaps Adobe should focus more on creating great HTML5 tools for the future, and less on criticizing Apple for leaving the past behind. ~ Steve Jobs

Steve “I want your” Jobs is one of the biggest advocates for HTML5. His comments have opened the way for others to take shots at Flash. The general manager of Internet Explorer, Dean “not of students” Hachamovitch also thinks HTML5 is the future of the web. Dean says that Flash has flaws but is still good for today’s web. That sounds to me like he thinks Flash is similar to day old sushi. You’ll be O.K. if you eat it today, but tomorrow you might puke on yourself.

Apple and Microsoft are now both firmly on board with HTML5. Yea! I think you will see Adobe reluctantly get on the HTML5 train as well. Adobe should look at this as a way to develop a new product. Morph Flash and Dreamweaver into a HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript product that has video, audio, and animation features. This wouldn’t be the first time Adobe took different features from their products and merged them. Fireworks has really become a morph of several Adobe products. You can photoshop images without using Photoshop and create animations without using Flash. Yes, Fireworks was a morph back in it’s Macromedia days but Adobe has really taken it to another level.

Advertising rules the web. The fact that advertisements in Flash are never going to be seen by the millions of Apple iPad, iPod, and iPhone users means that Flash is fading. The technology that has the most reach will always win.

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The 3 most important things you need to know about me: I love most things HTML5 related, I live in Japan, and I am not a big fan of deodorant. I am Stan. You can call me Stan. I am a man but I am not "the man". Sometimes people call me Dan if I do not speak loud enough. Some people still call me Dan.

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  1. I have recently heard about HTML5 from a newsletter. I start digging and searching for its features, and I learned a lot about it. I even wrote an article on it under
    The thing I liked the most is the web forms and the video tag. And the idea that HTML5 will replace flash is great and made excited about it. But I suddenly discovered that HTML5 will be launched in 2022….I don’t think that this is a reasonable timing and that all features being developed currently will be considered old in HTML5. who knows, maybe we wont have web in 12 years….

  2. @charbel, i’ve heard it’s release being 2012, which isn’t that far away.

    Yeah, i’ve been waiting for years for flash to FINALY come on the cellphones.
    But after digging into HTML5 I’m starting to think… ‘flash who?’

    Flash won’t die the next few years, it has to big an audience, too many people swear by it. That won’t change that fast… but it will change, sooner or later. Probably thanks to HTML5.

  3. I agree with Johan. Flash will always have a place…although it may be a different place that is much smaller and in a bad neighborhood 🙂

    I think new uses for Flash will come about. Video has been its bread and butter but HTML5 is slowly replacing it in that area.

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