HTML5 newbie? This video is for you.

This is an introduction to HTML5 by Brad Neuberg, a developer advocate at Google.  The video is perfect for people who are brand new to HTML5. Scared of getting too technical too soon? Then stop watching after the HTML5 video section is covered. This video was created in 2009 so some of the content like HTML5 browser support may be out of date.

What to expect:

  • Learn basic HTML5 tags
  • See how powerful HTML5 video can be
  • The lights go out 21:55 in 🙂

This video does a great job in getting people excited about HTML5. The fact that you can play games, watch video, and create stunning animations outside of Flash is nothing short of spectacular. I recommend you follow Brad on Twitter for additional HTMl5 banter. You can see this video in HTML5 by opting into the YouTube HTML5 Beta Video Player. Then watch the Introduction to HTML5.

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The 3 most important things you need to know about me: I love most things HTML5 related, I live in Japan, and I am not a big fan of deodorant. I am Stan. You can call me Stan. I am a man but I am not "the man". Sometimes people call me Dan if I do not speak loud enough. Some people still call me Dan.

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  1. I was a bit sceptical about HTML5, its very early to, support is still far from perfect… why bother? well… your vid showed me why i would bother, thanks a bunch!

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